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LockWrite Slideshow What is the LockWrite Pen
   LockWrite combines two of the most common and often used tools in Law Enforcement into one patented, high quality device. LockWrite is a fully functional writing utensil utilizing replaceable ink cartridges that also acts as a handcuff key. This tool is made specifically to provide law enforcement personnel with a concealed key that can be carried easily.

   LockWrite is a uniquely designed combination writing utensil and handcuff key created to provide law enforcement officials with a safe and convenient way to conceal the tool. This dual-purpose product provides two items necessary for performing the duties required of any law enforcement official. Cleverly styled as a fully functioning writing pen, this understated handcuff key offers safety to the bearer in that it can be carried and used without drawing attention.
What problems does the LockWrite solve?
   Prison guards and police officers routinely utilize handcuffs, which means that a handcuff key must be kept on their person at all times. In the form of a key, most likely carried on an easy to access key-chain worn at the waist, this tool can put the officer in danger should the cuffed suspect attempt to get it. Prisoners anticipate the guard wearing a key and can use this knowledge to their advantage in an attempt to escape. Keeping this important and powerful tool within reach is important; yet being able to carry it in a more discreet manner would increase safety.
Detailed Description
   LockWrite is a writing utensil that features a built-in handcuff key, which provides police officers and prison guards with a safe and efficient way to carry a handcuff key. This tool is designed to appear and function as a standard style ink pen would. The 303 Stainless Steel machined metal, retractable pen, notes a clip enabling attachment to a shirt pocket or other location on the person. When retracted, the pen tip acts like a key to unlock a pair of standard handcuffs. The extended ink cartridge, when extended, will double lock the pin push double lock found of the cuffs. LockWrite is a clever and discreet tool that provides of the most necessary functions in law enforcment.
Designed by an Officer, for Officers
   My name is Travis Roemmele, and I am a Police Officer with the Riverdale Police Department in Riverdale, NJ. I am also the owner and president of LockWrite, LLC. LockWrite was designed from start to finish by myself to help increase the safety and convenience of officers around the world. From the patent process, to all manufacturing standards, to the finished product; each step of the creation of the LockWrite pen was meticulously watched closely by myself, and I stand by my product 100%.
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